We’re debunking some common myths about periods and giving you the #FACTS!


MYTH: You lose crazy amounts of blood when you get you get your period.

#FACT: On average, you only lose 2-3 tablespoons of blood each time you menstruate!

Cases do vary individually, but even people with very heavy and long periods on average lose 4 tablespoons per period. If you are soaking through a tampon or pad every hour for several consecutive hours or have a period lasting more than 7 days, consult your doctor.



MYTH: Your period stops in the water.

#FACT: Your period doesn’t completely stop in the shower or in a pool.

Your uterine lining continues to shed regardless, but the flowing of blood may temporarily slow or not exit the vagina because gravitational pull isn’t so strong In the water. Make sure to use a tampon or a menstrual cup when you’re at the beach or the pool for hygiene and also to prevent accidents.



MYTH: Period blood is dirty blood.

#FACT: Having your period doesn’t mean your uterus is flushing out toxins.

Uterine lining grows thicker every month in anticipation of a fertilized egg. When an egg doesn’t become fertilized, your lining is released and you get a period. Period blood consists of blood, uterine tissue, endometrial lining, cervical mucus, and bacteria.



MYTH: Normal period blood is bright red.

#FACT: There is no such thing as a “normal” color for your blood!

The color of menstrual blood ranges from shades of pink, red, and orange to brown and even black and can change throughout your period. However, if your blood is gray, this may be a sign of infection or miscarriage and you should consult your doctor.



MYTH: Using a tampon will make me lose my virginity.

#FACT: You won’t “lose” your virginity!

Losing one’s virginity means different things to different people, but some equate it to the breaking of the hymen, a membrane covering your vaginal opening. It usually has openings big enough for blood to go through. Using a tampon (even everyday activities like biking!) may stretch or tear the hymen. Some people are born without one and some people have closed hymens, requiring surgery so they can properly menstruate.



MYTH: You can’t get pregnant if you have sex on your period.

#FACT: You CAN get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your period.

Sperm can live for up to 3-5 days inside the body. Depending on your ovulation schedule, if you have unprotected sex towards the end of your period, there is a chance that you could conceive due to early ovulation. Always have a backup method!