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Period Space began with the glaring reality of period poverty throughout the world. Period poverty can be defined as the lack of access to and inability to afford menstrual hygiene products. In many cases, this can lead to serious issues later in life, such as long-term health problems, delayed and intermittent education from a young age, and ultimately lower chances at having a better life. No one’s biology should affect their future!

There are many easy ways that you can help make sanitary products a part of someone’s everyday life in your own community!

  • Pack an extra menstrual hygiene product or two (or more!) and give them to someone in need in your neighborhood
  • Buy extra menstrual hygiene products when it’s your time of the month and drop them off at your local shelter, women’s shelter, or LGBTQ center
  • Organize a donation drive in your community so others can do the same
  • Write to your legislators or create a petition to democratize access to sanitary products, or sign ones that already exist!